asam di gunung garam di laut bertemu dalam satu belanga
This is the story of how they met
It was happen in July 2008, They met in the office
They really had a good time to know each other. In Nov 2008, finally Agus asked Vanti to be his girlfriend
Vanti decided to continue her study and took LDR (Long Distance Relationship)
It wasn't easy at all, but they didn't concern about how far they were because they realized that it's all about trusting each other
They communicated every single day, even only said 'Hi' or 'what are you doing?' or what do you gonna do?'
Thanks to Gtalk, Whatsapp, skype, twitter, fb and so on. The power of virtual world.
Every end of the month it was always be the moment they were waiting for
It was like...when the world seems so tough, there's someone you can talk to, give strength and always waiting for you wherever you are
In the year 2013, they have been together for 5 years and have been through a lot good and bad things
Agus and Vanti realized that they belong together, it would be better if they start to build a family
On August 17th 2013, Agus proposed Vanti to be her beloved wife, that day which is also the Independence day of Indonesia
In the middle of this year( 2014 ), They're getting married


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